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How We Build

In technical terms Design/Build is a system in which the owner contracts directly with a company to perform both design and construction. Instead of dealing with several different entities you only deal with one – us! What that means for you is fully accountability, enhanced understanding and better communication.

At CLAP we take it one step further. We believe that the Design;/Build process actually begins with you. We welcome you to share your creativity with us. At CLAP we understand that your home should fit your lifestyle and reflect your standards, you taste, and your ideas. Drawing from years of experience, we are here to guide you through our design/build 4-steps process. Together, our team of architects, project managers and selection professionals will work with you to create a home that will be uniquely yours.

Why Design/Build?

CLAP Design/Build brings to the owner the value of building at cost. Combining lower cost of design, lower overall cost of construction and single-source of responsibility, Design/Build offers greater value for construction due to the streamlining of processes.