I am not all that familiar with Northern California but, when I was offered a job in Silicon Valley, I needed to find out pretty quickly because that was where my new home would have to be. For no particular reason; other than that I had always liked the 2007 independent movie that was set there, I decided that I would prefer to live in Palo Alto – actually doing so would only mean a short commute to work each day and, another advantage, would be that my 7 year old son could live at home should he get in to Stanford.

Good News : Bad News

The good news was that my new salary was just about high enough for me to afford the mortgage on some of the less extravagant New Homes In Palo Alto. The bad news is that Palo Alto is considered to be amongst the most expensive cities in the land (thank goodness the new job is a very good one).

It Actually Worked Out OK

It took some doing but I somehow managed to find a building lot in a nice area with great views that was, more or less, within my estimated budget (and that of my mortgage provider). It was a genuine bargain offer so I took it; along with the decision that, rather than buy someone else’s existing home; I would have a new one purpose built to suit the tastes and needs of me and my family. I also reckoned that this would be less expensive than any of the New Homes In Palo Alto that I had seen on developers’ sites which were mainly somewhat exclusive gated communities – the houses weren’t too bad but the estates lacked variety in house designs.

All I had to do next was find the contractor to build the home for me. It took a while to decide with whom to spend my mortgage company’s money – I even had to look outside the immediate Palo Alto area (as far as Mountain View) before I found a contractor for New Homes In Palo Alto that impressed me with his honesty, house designs, ideas and construction methods.

Currently, I am still in a rental but, any day now, I will be moving into my new home and, for certain, it will suit me better than any of those pre-built or standard, off the shelf, design alternatives that I am glad I rejected.